How to Optimize WordPress For Speed

Let’s face it, most of the wordpress themes make your website load slow.  If you are looking for fast wordpress themes, then check out our themes.

Just Under 50% of users expect page loading times to be under 2 seconds. Different companies approach this in different ways, they use cookies, store information and run background site refresh to make sure you don’t have to wait to get access to a page. Over 50% of viewers will click [X] on a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Also, the speed of your website is equivalent to the user experience, good speeds means happy viewers, bad speeds means angry viewers. Now which user is more likely to buy your product? A happy user of course!

If you’re using WordPress and notice your loading time for your site is over 3 seconds, it is time to make changes, even if you’re under 2 seconds, every millisecond helps!

1. Find a Web Hosting with fast servers

Make sure your web host is reputable, and used by many. If a web host has reputation with providing bad customer support, bad prices, and bad server speeds, it’s time to find a new one! Do some research and you can find many web hosts that are relatively cheap and have many benefits.

2. Optimize usage of plugins, widgets, images and code in your wordpress theme.

Next make sure your wordpress theme is not slowing you down. If your theme had many widgets stuffed into it, or maybe the coding is corrupt, you will find that loading time will be very high. The more basic the theme, the faster it will load. If you have a nice theme installed that you don’t want to remove, keep in mind that images, text, image size, connections all play a role in determining your loading of your site. I would first focus on these factors which are discussed below as well, go to the end and read about how to get a fast theme if you’re still experiencing slow loading times.

Compress images, when you upload images, especially large, HD stock photos, they take a lot of resources and slow down loading times. Compress your pictures with a plugin such as WP If you’re worrying about the loss of quality, there is no loss in quality when images are compressed.

3. Delete revisions and optimize db tables

WordPress is a lifesaver when we talk about how it saves drafts, revisions, and edits. I mean I can browse 94 edits on a single article, neat! If you’re the type that forgets things and exits without saving, or often needs to go through your edits and revisions, you can skip this step. However, if you just do a couple of revisions and post blogs or articles, chances are WordPress has been saving your revisions and edits for a long time. Saving all those items will make your site slow. WO-Optimize is a classic and essential plugin that combats this problem.

These are just some helpful tips on making your site faster. Now if you fixed these problems and still want a faster website, then check out our wordpress themes “Bolt – A Fast wordpress theme”. If you are looking for a free fast wordpress theme, then check out “Optimized – A Free fast wordpress theme“.

Like their name implies, we specialize in fast themes and can dramatically reduce your loading time for your website, check us out.

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