Site Speed as a Google Ranking Signal

In 2009, many website owners were thinking about how to increase their site speed. The reason they wanted this for the most part was because they thought they would rank better.

Matt Cutts, a person working for Google at the time, said on his blog this is not the case. In fact, site speed may not really affect your website ranking higher or lower at all because of all the ranking variables, but he did mention something else it did, something very crucial to every website.

He mentioned that quick responsiveness and faster sites improved user experience.

However, people were still curious no how Google worked with rankings and site speeds. In a later patent by Google, we understand that Google, if everything else is similar, will rank the site that loads in a shorter time, higher.

So, if you have 2 identical sites that talk about how lions hunt. Google will rank one higher, simply because it takes less time to load, and a user will want the shorter loading time.

There are factors in speed, sub sections that impact the loading time of a browser. These include, the size of the file, number of images present in the website, the web host the website is using, and impact of network connection of loading the resource.

We can learn from all this that Site Speeds are not your priority when making a new website, they become crucial if you’re looking to take your website to the next level and attract more people. Google tells us that sites that load faster will be higher ranking, and will be appear first, while another website that has slow loading times will be ranked lower. The different factors of image sizes and network connection and webhosts, all play a factor in how Google estimates your websites loading time.

Location and language can also play a role in determining your sites ranking. If a page written in French wont have many visits from the U.S, which is predominantly English. This would also affect that website and make it rank lower.

Again, a sites speed is not the first thing that Google looks at and a new website owner shouldn’t either, but if a website wants to take it’s game to the next level, and outrank its competitor page which is very close in ranking, then improving site speed will help in this case.

Google itself helps to have users load your site as fast as possible.

In an a blog by Google found here (

Google talks how a faster site makes users happy, and a slower site makes users spend less time there. Google implies that make your site faster would also cut your operating costs and attract more people to your website. Google says that less than 1% of webpages are affected by the site speed factor in ranking.

So this confirms my thoughts that most website owners don’t need to worry about this, but for that 1% who want to improve every little aspect of their website, then I recommend checking out Fast Themes, our fast WordPress themes  will speed up your website tremendously!

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