The Best and the Fastest WordPress themes

A theme is not only important in showcasing unique design and hooking your viewer, they’re truly great when they’re fast. You can drastically lower and change your websites loading times by using a fast theme. We recommend changing settings such as compressing images on your website for even more awesome response from your viewers.

Its relatively clear that in this era, people don’t want to wait, especially when it comes to loading websites. We can’t handle more than 3 seconds of loading time for a website. The normal would be under 2 seconds and a super great score would be under 1 second.

Fast Themes is a website that offers a variety of helpful, quick loading themes that are great if you want to start netting more viewers. Also, you should know they are experts about fast themes and making your website faster, they base their themes on responsiveness and quickness.

Below are a couple of themes that we think are great for all users, beginners to advanced that want to set up their websites with the common goal of achieving lightning fast speeds. There’s nothing more satisfying then a website loading lightning quick.

1) Optimized


Optimized – Free Theme by FastThemes

Optimized theme is a SEO optimized responsive theme built by the team at, you can view their demo of this theme on their website. They’ve used material design to build this theme, your website will be loading in less than 2 seconds, and even under 1 second with a cache plugin. It’s SEO optimized so search engines can find you faster.

2) Bolt

Bolt- Fast WordPress theme by FastThemes

This theme is a paid theme, the price is reduced from $60 to $29.99 so if you’re looking for themes on sale, this is a good one. With bootstrap and material design, the user experience is more eventful, the user will feel more connected and feel that your website is super responsive.

Different websites rate it “A” per its speed. With a percentage of 94%. This theme is mobile friendly. We know that mobiles play a huge role in our society, so any website that is not optimized for mobile’s is missing out. You can also drag and drop sections from WordPress when editing, so it makes it easier to setup your website.

4) H-Code


This WordPress theme has many different layouts. Modern and sleek, if you’re looking for speed, you’ll get just that with this bad boy them. The price is $60 so if you’re looking to spend some money, you’ll get a good responsive theme as the output.

Out of these themes, you must remember that the theme is a tool, if you don’t tend to it or don’t use it properly, it won’t do what it’s meant to. So, make sure you don’t purchase these themes thinking that without any effort on your part that you’ll have the fastest theme ever.

4) Zillah


This theme is more of a bloggers theme. It’s a minimalistic theme with a clean look Thing of like how Apple would design a website. It doesn’t cost anything so it’s worth a try.

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